The reference in adjustment shims since 1946

Jicey is the European specialist and leader in precision mechanical adjustment. From very large shims intended for offshore applications to extra-thin shims of a few millimetres for the aeronautical or optical industries, from standard shims to shims that are tailor made to your dimensions and specifications, Jicey manufactures more than 3 million adjustment shims per year for the aeronautical, military, space, railway, mechanical, transport and public works industries, etc. Jicey provides the adjustment solution that is most suited to the necessary precision that is required for any mechanical assembly.

  • Direction

    President: David DUPART
    Chief Sales Officer: Benoît PIGEAUD
    Export Sales Manager: Christèle MASSE
    Quality Control Manager: Rudy CUVELIER
    Accounting: Isabelle LUBLIN


    Date of founding: Juin 1946
    Limited Company (SAS) 1.000.000 €
    N° Siret: B58980598500027 - APE: 2562B
    VAT identification N°: FR 33589805985
    OTAN F 0183
    GIFAS Member
    GIM Member


    rue des Côtes d'Orval - ZAC de la Prévôté - BP61
    78550 HOUDAN - FRANCE
    Tél : +33 (0)1 30 46 86 00
    Fax : +33 (0)1 30 59 68 12

Quality et Services

The company's values

Product quality is not a concept at Jicey; it is a reality and a quest at all times. All the parts that leave our production lines are subjected to exemplary finishing and precision. We carry out quality control on all our parts, as well as a dimensional check to satisfy all your requirements.
From supplies and production through technical and commercial actions Jicey has developed strict quality procedures based on ISO 9001: 2008, supplemented by the requirements of EN 9100 European reference for the aeronautics, space and defense.

Jicey in Houdan A modern and efficient production site

Precision machining

For custom tailor made parts to your dimensions and specifications.

CNC machining centers

For perfect precision shims, free of any burrs.

Conventional machining

Machining of parts, washers, outer and inner diameters.

Press cutting

Mechanical or hydraulic presses, auto or semi-automatic, 100 to 200T.

3D CAD Management

Using the Dassault Catia's 3D CAD management tool.

Raw material stocks

Steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, aluminum and composite materials in thin roll strips.

3D Metrology

Dimensional control of parts to ensure perfect quality of production.


Integrated management of all business and manufacturing functions in a complete computer system.

Select Jicey for:

  • The quality

    A constant concern for quality in every steps of manufacturing. Perfect parts, flat and without burrs: Jicey's peelable shims are references for precision adjustment.

  • The know-how

    Since 1946, Jicey has continuously improved the concept of shims by constantly innovating. A pioneer in bi-composition, composite materials, identification of thicknesses and manufacturing of ultra-thin shims, Jicey knows what is the right shim to suit your needs.

  • The responsiveness

    Our stock material in numerous thicknesses and our manufacturing processes enable us to meet the demand at short notice and in case of emergency and troubleshooting issues.


  • The choice

    Jicey manufactures the widest range of shims to meet your needs perfectly (metallic laminated shims or composite, mono or bi-composed, separable shims, solid shims, standard U-shape shims or extra-thin shims).

  • The service

    Our sales and technical teams are always there to meet your needs. Whether prototypes, short deadlines or technical support.

  • The peelability

    The laminated shim is a true concentrate of innovative technologies. Its compactness actually hides a composition of ultrathin sheets that the user will be able to easily peel as necessary to obtain the desired thickness adjustment.